We Are Privy

10th Anniversary Commemoration

Studio Sessions
Recorded between 03-08-94 and 04-07-94
The Toilet Bowl Studios
Soppy Bag Records
Vancouver, BC, Canada


We Are Privy...Now you can be Privy too.


RealMedia excerpts for streaming preview:

Invasion of the Week Peeking Ducks in Rowboats

Invasion - Excerpt 2

I am Privy

The Dolphin


The full recordings in High Quality MP3 at 320 kps for download:

(Depending on your browser, you may need to right click on the links and select "save target link as" to download them permanently)

Invasion of the Week Peeking Ducks in Rowboats (29.5 mb)

I am Privy (37.4 mb)

The Dolphin (19.8 mb)


And, finally, the lossless FLAC fileset of the complete session is now available for download directly from this site:

privy1994-04-07d1t01 (71.6 mb)

privy1994-07-04d1t02 (95.4 mb)

privy1994-04-07d1t03 (47.6 mb)

privy1994-04-07info (2.57 K)

privy1994-04-07ffp (1 K)


If you're not set up for FLAC decoding, you'll need two things:

FLAC 1.1.0

FLAC frontend

After downloading the two files, click on the "flac110k" file to install FLAC 1.1.0. After installing it, close it. Ignore it if it says you need winamp. Then click on the "FLAC frontend" file to install the FLAC interface. After installing FLAC frontend, create a shortcut for it on your desktop and click on that to open the program. This is the interface you will use for FLAC 1.1.0. Then, simply drag your FLAC files into the main window of FLAC frontend, select the destination for your decoded files at the bottom right, and click decode. Your music awaits.

* * *


Here's the INFO file for the FLAC fileset:


Fostex 4 Track Master Cassettes (Maxell II-S) > Audio Cassette (Sony UX-Pro) > Soundforge 6.0 (Capture) > CDWave 1.93 Beta (Track Split) > FLAC 1.1.0 (FLAC compression)

Sessions engineered and recorded by Mark Humeniuk
A/D Transfer and Seed by Randolph Jordan

Disc 1/1:

1. Invasion of the Week-Peeking Ducks in Rowboats (12:55)
a) Midnight Disembarkment
b) Battle on the Beach
c) Dawn's Early Light

2. I am Privy (16:21)
3. The Dolphin (8:39)


Yrag Fforbob - Samick and Ibanez electric basses
Mark Humeniuk - Larrivee and Gibson electric guitars
Randolph Jordan - Fender Rhodes electric piano and Yamaha digital piano
John Larrivee Jr. - Nice Red Drum Set

Thanks to Dave Cook for neighbor relations during jam sessions

Tracks 1 + 3 written by Randolph Jordan
Track 2 written by Mark Humeniuk


Well, this is pretty much all she wrote on the musical enterprise known as We Are Privy. We were trying to get a band together back in the early 90s and started jamming regularly. After a couple years with nothing but long drunken noodlings to show for ourselves we decided to get serious, come up with a couple solid tunes and try to get some gigs. So, we practiced our three main songs for a while and then laid them down in these sessions. As fate would have it though, we broke up during the recording for reasons I can't really remember anymore. Something to do with "not enough discipline" or "musical differences" or "a lack of universal desire to get serious" or some such things. Anyway, aside from a host of very poorly recorded basement jam tapes, this is all we now have to remember the glory days by.

I always wanted this recording to have some life, having received pretty good feedback on it from friends at the time.
It has never been released in any shape or form, and I believe that there are only four or five copies presently floating around. I'm sure it would have landed us a gig or two had we used it as a demo. But alas, paths often diverge and here we are 10 years later. I don't know where the time went, exactly. It seems fitting somehow to commemorate the tape's 10th anniversary by seeing if there might be some interest out there in the land of "jam band" enthusiasts. These tunes are very much in the spirit of the "jam band," being entirely instrumental groove-oriented backdrops for improvisational exploration. So, please let us know if you like what you hear in the excerpts above and we can arrange to get you (a little bit) more where that came from.

With love,

Randolph Jordan
February 24th 2004